Matted Dog Abandoned in Crate Is Rescued and Given Major Makeover to Prepare for Adoption

The Arizona Humane Society treated Theodora to a bubble bath and a gentle grooming to help her recover from the neglect she experienced.

Theodora got her groove back!

According to the Arizona Humane Society (AHS), the 5-year-old Shih Tzu's previous owner abandoned the dog in a crate in February. AHS saved the canine and brought her to their facility. Theodora arrived at the shelter with matted fur, serious dental issues, and overgrown nails.

It was clear to the AHS that this little pup was neglected before she was left in a crate to fend for herself. Wanting to kick off a new chapter in Theodora's life, the shelter immediately started treating the dog like a queen.

Along with providing Theodora with vet care, AHS treated the pooch to a spa day that included a bubble bath and a gentle grooming to remove her matted fur. The experience ended with Theodora getting a new sweater to make sure she stayed cozy in her shorter cut. The dog's royal treatment also included top-notch dental work to ensure Theodora left the shelter with a pain-free, healthy smile.

Theodora is a new dog after receiving a few days of TLC, and now this bright-eyed pup is ready to find her forever family. For anyone interested in adopting this sweet Shih-Tzu, please visit to set up an appointment to meet her.

AHS hopes sharing Theodora's story finds her the loving family she deserves and serves as a reminder that it is never necessary to abandon a pet. Pet owners can often surrender their animals to a local shelter, where the pet has a chance to find a new home. Additionally, many shelters, including AHS, offer resources to pet owners struggling to keep their furry friends.

"Any pet owner in need of help with their pets is encouraged to reach out to AHS' Pet Resource Center (PRC), a group of dedicated individuals who provide resources and support to Valley pet owners," AHS shared in a release. "Last year, the PRC team fielded more than 81,000 calls and helped keep almost 6,000 pets out of the shelter and in their homes."


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