Rottweiler Puppy Pretends To Play To Eat Sister’s Foods

Although people think that dogs are just another animal, but that opinion is wrong. Dogs are one of the most intelligent animal specie. Domestic dogs often learn a lot of things from humans. They can identify family members, relatives, family vehicles, etc. very well. In short, they have a good understanding of people’s daily routine. They are know about what they are allowed to do and what they are not allowed to do. They really know simple words like “No, Don’t Do that, Good Boy”. We are going to tell you a funny story about another Rottweiler dog’s joyfull act.

Some people think that Rottweiler dogs are a kind of dog that has no affection l. But after reading this story, your opinion will change completely. See what this Rottweiler puppy is ready to do, by pretending to play.

This amazing event happened at a house in Auckland, New Zealand. This Rottweiler puppy named Lola pretended to be playing while eating. She pretended to be playing to try for eat her sister’s food from the bowl on the other side. It’s really fun.

Lola knows that she’s not allowed to eat her sister Millie’s dinner. But she tries to deceive her owner by pretending to play. Rottweilers are just as much fun dogs as any other dog. But keep in mind, they must be receive a properly train to be obedient. They are aggressive when not properly trained.


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