Sweet Dog with Brain Damage Goes Viral Thanks to Her Signature Prancing Walk [Video]

A little dog named Swiper is charming the internet’s socks off with her extra fancy prancing. Swiper, a seven-year-old King Charles/Shih Tzu/Collie/Terrier mix, hails from Donegal, Ireland.

Jazz hands but for dogs

Swiper was attacked by a larger dog when she was just an 8-month-old puppy and was lucky to survive. A bite to the head resulted in a loss of motor coordination, causing her unique prancing gait. But otherwise, Swiper is a healthy, happy girl.

Leapin’ lizards!

Sabia Kelly shared a video of Swiper showing off her signature moves and the video blew up, gathering four million views in just days.

What a face

Sabia set up an Instagram page just to share more Swiper photos and videos. Hurray!

Fun fun fun

Part bunny?


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