Woman Adopts Old Dog From Shelter, Later Finds Out She’s Her Lost Childhood Pup

Pets are not toys. When you get a pet it means having a new member in your family. The father sounds a real problem. And why was the microchip ignored for so long? poor dog, and poor girl.

So if she loved this dog that much why and how did it end up in a Shelter to start with? Nicole Grimes was only 10 years old when her grandmother gifted her with a pup, a pomeranian-poodle cross, for her birthday.

They spent 4 beautiful years together, but when things changed for their family, she eventually had to part ways with her loving dog. Her dad landed a new home-based job, that required a quiet environment, free from any kind of distraction, dog barking included.

For this reason, when Nicole was 14, her dad brought her beloved Chloe to Washington area Humane Society, leaving both of them heartbroken. The 8-years later, Nicole noticed on her “Facebook” feed about a senior dog uρ for adoption.

The dog’s name was Chloe, 11 years old, the exact same age ‘her’ Chloe would’ve been today. Nicole had a strong feeling the senior dog could be the same Chloe she was forced to give up when she was 10, so she decided to go see the dog.

And when they met, Nicole was overjoyed, she was surprised how Chloe hadn't changed a bit. She just can't wait for Chloe to meet her daughter, and for them also to be best friends someday. Nicole is grateful to have had the chance to meet Chloe again, especially because her grandma, who gifted her Chloe, passed away three years ago.

Now that fate brought them back together, they will surely make uρ for the time they have. What an unnecessary trauma to put the dog into a daughter though maybe the father should now go to a home for seniors.🤔

So happy they were reunited poor little doggy though, wonders where it was for eight years! What a beautiful “miracle” story! 🙏Sounds like it was God sent ( maybe even Grandma sent!).


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