London's 'biggest dog' gets mistaken for a cow

Black and white Great Dane Diego travels with his owner, Carlos, on his daily commute from Wembley to work in Bravos Motorcycles, Bethnal Green. Diego sits in the sidecar of his K-750 motorbike with special goggles Carlos calls “doggles”.

Diego loves his sidecar so much that he'll follow it out onto the street if he so much as hears the growl of its engine.

Carlos told: "If I touch the sidecar, he knows we're going out.

Six years since they picked him up on Christmas Day, Diego and Carlos are inseparable.

"Everywhere I go, I take Diego," says Carlos, explaining that when he sits down - on the sofa, on the Tube, to put his shoes on - Diego will always sit on his lap.

Diego is also a fan of popping down to the pub. He is the first dog in history to have become a Gold Member at The Bike Shed, a motorcycle club in Shoreditch.

Carlos said: “When we go there, it says on the table: 'This table is reserved for Diego and his human'."

However, Carlos admits, Diego has yet to develop his table manners.

At 95kgs, Diego is taller than six-foot Carlos when standing on his hind legs. Carlos has tried to put Diego on a diet, but it's tricky - strangers in the park will readily dispense treats to their favorite Great Dane, and there's also the issue of pizza.

"If he sees pizza, his favorite food, he gets crazy - he's a different dog. He'll do anything for pizza," he explains.

Diego has become something of a local celebrity. During his morning walk in Victoria Park, doting fans will slip him treats - when they’re not, as Carlos reports, mistaking him for a cow because of his size and black and white coloring.

"In East London, almost everyone knows him," says Carlos.

"The Tube is a nightmare [person] wants to take a photo, and then another one, and then there's a crowd," Carlos said.

Diego is so popular that even the police have even stopped him in the street to take photographs.




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