Giant Rottweiler Helps Raise to Unwanted Animals Like a Mom

Dog is one of the most gentle hearted animals in the animal world. Most of the time they are very loveable to everyone. They love everyone who loves them. Even naturally aggressive breeds like Rottweilers and Pitbulls become very loving and gentle dogs when given good training and socialization. They shows love and loyalty to their families. They are also very gentle with other animals.

Breeds like Rottweilers are excellent family members and will protect their family as best they can. This is a story about such a lovely dog. Amanda Collins, the owner of this large rottweiler named Dave, brought home a French giant rabbit. Because no one wanted this rabbit. She is a 25-year-old woman who runs a pet shop in Blackpool.

After bringing this rabbit home, she noticed incredible behavior from her six-year-old Rottweiler. After bringing the rabbit home, Dave went up to him and started licking him clean. From the moment rabbit came home, a very strong bond developed between them. They became very good friends. But Amanda did not think that Dave would be friends with the rabbit so quickly. They sleep together now. And eat and play together. They spend the whole day together.

According to Amanda, Dave is a great dog. Because he has helped raise four ducks, three geese, five rabbits, 13 kittens and five puppies. Moreover, he has helped to raise countless newborns.


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