Smart Dog Brings A Leaf To Store Every Day To Buy Himself Treats

 A clever dog has figured out a way to pay for treats that has the hearts of dog lovers melting into a puddle.

Negro is a dog in Colombia who lives on the campus of Diversified Technical Education Institute of Monterrey Casanare.

For the past five years, faculty make sure that Negro is fed and a place to sleep at night. But that hasn’t stopped this dog from coming up with his own special way to get treats that’s actually quite ingenious and almost human.

Negro discovered a store on campus that sells cookies and one day noticed that students were handing over pieces of green paper (money) in exchange for the tasty treats. So the clever dog found his own green pieces – leaves – which he promptly brought over to the stand to pay for his own cookie.

“He would go to the store and watch the children give money and receive something in exchange,” teacher Angela Garcia Bernal told The Dodo. “Then one day, spontaneous, he appeared with a leaf in his mouth, wagging his tail and letting it be known that he wanted a cookie.”

How could the shop keeper refuse? That’s all the reinforcement Negro needed and now he comes by every day, leaf in mouth.

“He comes for cookies every day,” store employee Gladys Barreto said. “He always pays with a leaf. It is his daily purchase.”

Now that’s one smart pup!


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