Young man builds restaurant to help street dogs

We all can help our little furry friends with a little try, if you don’t have any possibility to take them in , then we can work and make the outside safer and more comfortable for them.

There are many street dogs on U.S , but there are many shelters and centers that take care of them too, unfortunately not every state has this much support to dogs, Brazil is one of them.

Seeing the Brazil streets filled with street dogs who struggle every day to survive , especially for food ,a young man who loves animals came to rescue with a brilliant idea.

João Araújo wanting to give a helping hand to the poor animals that were roaming the streets everyday , took few materials and built up a restaurant for dogs, that stays open all the time, 24 hours.

He didn’t just carelessly put a bowl of food to feed those dogs, he made the place a real restaurant miniature, so the dogs can come to eat and drink wherever they need.

Seeing that the idea is having good success, he built more restaurants around the city, all by using recycled materials.

But the bad luck struck these little shelters of dogs, and they have been facing with the theft and destruction , but with the help of other people wanting to give a helping hand too,João keeps working on building more of these places, so more dogs receive the help they need.

“If they steal one, I build two.”

This great idea was an inspiration to other people around , and there are little dogs restaurants getting built around the cities.

Hats off to this brilliant idea, thank you João.


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