12 Reasons Why A Dachshund Shouldn’t Be Trusted

Let’s not beat around the bush. Dachshunds are not for everyone, and every breed owner knows that they can’t be trusted even if their life depends on it!

There are so many reasons, but we’ve broken it down into 12 reasons why a Dacshudnd should be trusted in this article.

#1 He knows all he has to do is howl endlessly to get what he wants.

#2 Police: “She ate an entire family of four over the course of two days.” Me: “I’m sure they deserved it. Who’s a good little girl???”

#3 So serious, but you know fun is right there too!

#4 “Dachshunds Train You”

#5 Best receptionist ever!

#6 It’s the “I’m going to get anything I want” look.

#7 That’s a packed schedule, they need lots of rest!!

#8 This drives me insane!

#9 They’re completely adorable lawbreakers…

#10 Your bed is no longer just your bed.

#11 That look!

#12 NO other dog can make you feel this guilty just by turning its head.


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