15 Over-the-Top Dog Decor Choices That Take ‘Dog Lover’ to New Heights

Some of us love dogs so much, we want to shout it from the mountaintops. But if you get altitude sickness easily, sometimes a splashy wall decal will have to do. Here are 15 more unique ways to communicate your love for dogs the way a dog would—without saying any words out loud.

1. A Custom Portrait

This would go nicely in the Great Hall, wouldn’t it? Anywhere except the West Wing (it’s forbidden). Add some custom gravitas to your home with a portrait of your pet from Etsy.

2. A Dog-Shaped Topiary

Nothing about these is a bad idea. What better way to say “get off my lawn,” “get out of my menagerie, that frisbee’s a goner,” and “I really love dogs, like, seriously, you have no idea,” than with a shrub sculpted to look like your favorite breed? You can buy one (or collect them all) from In the Company of Dogs.

3. A Lighted Sculpture

These are appropriate for any season, indoors or out. Why not do both? Put eight schnauzers on the roof, pulling a sleigh with the corgi in it for the holidays. Your neighbors will thank you. Buy one or more from In The Company of Dogs.

4. An Oil Painting

There are eight different breeds represented in oil here, but the Yorkie is clearly the best. Hot tip: do not hang it any place where it might be the first thing you see when you wake up. Hotter tip: tell people it’s haunted. Get your own (and check out the Pug) from Baxter Boo.

5. A Bronze Door Knocker

From Anything Dogs: “Shih Tzu Dog Knocker – the perfect welcome to the Shih Tzu Dog Lover Home.” This face isn’t exactly friendly, but it goes well with a “No Soliciting” sign. Our recommendation? Buy the Maltese and put it above a sign that reads, “YOU SHALL NOT PASS.”

6. A Paw Chair

Instructions for use: Have guests over and sit in this chair with your dog in your lap. Say, unprompted, “I guess you could say he’s got me in the palm of his paw!” Keep laughing for five seconds longer than is appropriate, while making relentless, un-blinking eye contact with your guest.

7. A Bright Piece of Pop Art

The best part about this particular piece is that this English bulldog looks like he really resents being made into art. Buy this, or other representations of dogs who never signed up for this, from DogLoverStore.

8. A Regal Toilet Paper Holder

A common problem dog owners experience? There aren’t enough dogs nervously watching them go to the bathroom. These bronze toilet paper holders from Anything Dogs solve that. From the website: “If you do not see your breed – please ask as it is probably available.” Not from the website: Some of the breeds appear more disappointed in you than others.

9. This Larger-Than-Life Chair/Foot Stool

Love your dog so much you wish you could sit on it and rest your feet on it? Same. Drool over it on THEmag.

10. A Wind Chime

Like real life dachshunds, this wind chime promises “delightful tinkling melodies.” Get one to confuse the dog in your life at In the Company of Dogs.

11. A Pillow That Doesn’t Really Make Sense

What is this pillow endorsing exactly? Is this how we should handle stress at our jobs? Is this even how dogs handle stress? IDK, pillow.

12. A Pillow That Makes A Little More Sense

At least we get where this pillow is coming from. It’s a dog who’s trying to woo you like The Bachelor. The Dog Bachelor would never pee on it then walk away—would he? Find out at Overstock.

13. This Take on Fine Art

It should be noted that Carson Kressley did a lot of these, which is confusing and delightful. You can get this one at a steep discount from Overstock.

14. A Wall Clock

This wall clock comes in 80 different breeds and includes all 12 hours. Now your living, breathing dog isn’t the only one who can remind you when it’s time to eat.

15. This Glorious High Chair

Let’s break it down. The Bone Appetit Seat is a high chair for dogs that is built to look…like a dog? Or it is built to look like a dog, a pile of bones, a ladder, and a table fell in love, and then raised the Bone Appetite Seat as a village? Be the envy of every enchanted castle for just under $1000 from Doggie Couture Shop.

And there you have it! 15 unique conversation pieces to adorn the home that you and your dog inhabit


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