7 Shih Tzu Ready For Reality TV

This bite sized dog breed may be full of both class and sass, but the shih tzu personality is down to earth, spunky, and convivial—divas need not apply.

“Fine, fresh, fierce”…Is it possible Katy Perry’s classic pop jam was written about a shih tzu? Because it describes them to a tee

In Chinese, “Shih Tzu” translates roughly to “lion dog,” a point that rings true in the way these silky and perfectly poised pooches carry themselves. And that fierce mane? That’s where you, the personal stylist, comes in—shih tzu have to be groomed daily to maintain that glossy double coat, keep knots at bay, and stay reality TV-ready.

7 shih tzu who are totally ready for their network television debut

Vocal warm ups are key to a successful, pitch perfect performance… but you don’t need to tell Badger that! This impassioned crooner is sure to wow celebrity judge Nicki Minaj.

Molly is a regular old Dolly Parton—just get a load of those gorgeous, sweeping eyelashes.

Forget tuning forks. Oliver gets into performance mode with the help of his squeaky baseball toy.

This fluffy shih tzu’s sense of rhythm is impeccable. The raw emotion in this performance gives us chills.

Move over Ray Charles…this shih tzu’s commanding howl is something you can feel in your bones.

The judges won’t be able to resist this shih tzu’s lilting soprano. But it should be noted that behind the scenes, the shih tzu breed isn’t nearly as cacophonous as other toy breeds.

And if all else fails, a little liquid courage before hitting the stage might be just the ticket.


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