Adrija Roy loses her pet Shih Tzu

Actress Adrija Roy, who is currently seen in the daily soap, Mou Er Bari, recently lost her pet dog, Cookie, a Shih Tzu. Her pet had an inguinal hernia and also went through a surgery some weeks back. But post surgery, the pain was unbearable for the pooch and it suffered a cardiac arrest on May 27.

Talking to us, a heartbroken Adrija, told us, "I am shattered. A few months back, another pet of mine left me, and now Cookie. I feel so incomplete without them. I had taken two days off from work, but I still can't get over Cookie's demise. I had taken her to the sets of my serial, too. Everyone had such a good time cuddling and playing around with her. I am missing Cookie terribly."

The actress also took to Instagram to post a heartfelt message along with a picture of her pet.

The post read:

"This was really unexpected.

Few months back I lost Winnie and now I lost Cookie.

Cookie had an inguinal hernia (The Inguinal Hernia is not common in the Shih Tzu breed but it does happen from time to time. Unlike an umbilical hernia where there is a small opening in the umbilicus, the inguinal hernia occurs in the area of the inguinal canal located in the groin).

Doctor advised to remove the hernia as early as possible through a basic surgery.

Cookie went through the surgery. Post surgery Cookie couldnt take the pain and had a cardiac arrest and left me.

Cookie and me had such a good time together for two and half years and she was so cute and obedient and so adorable.

It is hard to believe that you are not with me anymore and I wont be able to see you when i wake up or when i come back from work.

I am so heartbroken which i cant put into words.

May your soul rest in peace.

I Love You Cookie

You’ll be mine forever…

My partner in crime

Always remember Your mumma will miss you so much my lovable child


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