Blind, Senior Dachshund and His Pit Bull BFF Who Guides Him Everywhere Adopted Together

It took only took two days for these furry best friends to find a new forever home together

This odd couple beat the odds.

Not too long ago, Blue Dozer, a 6-year-old Staffordshire Terrier, and his buddy, a 12-year-old Dachshund named OJ were surrendered to Richmond Animal Care and Control in Virginia.

The pair were previously owned by a pet parent who became homeless and could no longer care for the canines, according to the shelter.

It was obvious to the shelter’s staff that this duo was ride or d.i.e, bonded for life. Not only are they close friends, OJ, who is visually-impaired, depends on Blue Dozer to show him the way and safely lead him through new spaces.

Determined to find these soulmates a new forever home, the shelter posted about the pair on Facebook and emphasized that the devoted friends needed to be adopted together.

“OJ is partially blind and relies on Blue to guide him. They are best friends, they sleep together in the shelter and we walk them together for potty breaks,” Christie Chipps Peters, the Director of Richmond Animal Care & Control, tells PEOPLE about the dogs, who have been BFFs for four years.

The shelter didn’t have to wait long to send the pooch pals off to a new start. Two days after posting about Blue Dozer and OJ on Facebook, an eager adopter came forward.

On Sunday afternoon the dog dudes were off to the their new home, leaving everyone at the shelter feeling pretty warm and fuzzy.

“We are grateful for a happy ending! These sweet dogs were very loved by their owner that couldn’t care for them any longer, they were loved and cared for at RACC and went into a great forever home,” Peters adds. “All the while, they loved and cared for each other. It’s the sweetest thing and we were glad to play a part in their story.”


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