Flying dogs strike their best ‘Superman’ pose

An Olympic athlete turned-photographer has compiled some incredible images of dogs striking their best Superman poses as they ‘fly’ mid-air.

The athletic animals — from sausage dogs to rottweilers — get up to three feet off the ground as they leap over fallen trees and branches. In one photo, border collie Darcie stares straight down the camera lens as she elegantly stretches out her paws in mid-flight. Other dogs are pictured with a tongue hanging to the side or fluffy ears bouncing above their heads.

The photos are the work of eagle-eyed snapper Nigel Wallace — a former Olympic rifle shooter who moved into dog photography in 2018. Nigel, from Mildenhall, Suffolk, said: ‘The shots are just fantastic. The dogs can easily get two or three feet off the ground.

He works with dog owners to entice their pet to bolt towards the camera and jump over the obstacle — normally a fallen tree or branches.

Nigel added: ‘It’s just giving dog owners something fun and different. They can’t capture this on a walk on their phone. ‘I always make sure it’s safe for the dog to do the photos, we check for back and hip problems beforehand.’



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