Did you know Raima’s furry baby Dasho has her own Instagram handle?

Do you religiously follow Raima Sen on social media? Then you will definitely adore her furry baby, a cute little puppy.

In fact, Raima’s sweet Shih Tzu, Dasho, has a dedicated Instagram handle which is flooded with funny, adorable pictures. Raima brought Dasho home amid the lockdown last year and since then the pup has appeared almost regularly in the Sen family’s social media posts receiving a lot of love from fans and followers.

The Sen sisters (Raima and Riya) often upload candid videos of the puppy playing around. Be it playing with a whoopee cushion, jumping on couches and playing with Riya, Raima or Moon Moon Sen – every social media post is a treat for any dog lover. Not only this, you can even find Dasho in the BTS stills of Raima’s photoshoots.

Have a look at Dasho’s Instagram profile here:

With a furry pal at home, a single woof and cuddle can make you smile, right from the time you wake up each morning to when you head to bed. Studies have, time and again, pointed out that pets can lower stress, depression and even your blood pressure levels. It’s no surprise then, that pets have emerged as one of the biggest anchors for people, helping them deal with a changing world. Raima is also not immune to their charms. We all know the actor is a doting pet parent.


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