Dog Abandoned on Doorstep the Day After Christmas Needs Pricey Surgery for 'Broken Heart'

Someone cruelly dumped the 1-year-old pooch on a cold porch in Dorchester, Massachusetts

She was dirty, heavily matted and shivering when she was found cruelly abandoned on a cold Boston doorstep the day after Christmas.

Luckily, a concerned resident scooped up the scared Shih Tzu and she was taken to the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA-Angell), where they determined she was not microchipped — but a more thorough exam would yield even sadder news.

The 1-year-old pup, now named Petie, suffers from what they’ve dubbed a “broken heart,” a heart condition called Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA), described as an unclosed hole in the aorta. Petie needs a pricey surgery in order to live a normal life, or else she’ll likely d.i.e within the next two years from congestive heart failure.

The shelter has fallen for that sweet face and is moving forward with surgery, despite the high cost (an owner has not stepped forward to claim her, and her mandatory seven-day stray hold has expired).

“Given her young age and otherwise good health I believe she’s an excellent candidate for a minimally invasive procedure to fix her heart,” said Dr. Katie Hogan, a member of the MSPCA’s cardiology team, who plans to enter the body via an artery in Petie’s leg. “This will significantly shorten her recovery time and — perhaps — ensure she can convalesce in a new, adoptive home.”

With the procedure costing around $3,500, the adoption center has issued an urgent call for donations and set up a fundraising page. Want to help a dog who could really use a gift right now? Visit mspca org/helppetie.

And if you’re interested in adopting Petie — who “is doing well and resting comfortably here at the shelter,” according to a spokesman — email for more information.


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