Dog Sees The Ocean For The First Time (Video)

This amazing dog jumping around in the water. She was having a blast! Watch her bounce around in the water like a dolphin!

Some Facts One of the best parts of summer is the warm, beach-perfect weather on the forecast. But, before you pack the beach bag, make sure you’re prepared to take care of your dog while he’s romping around in the salty seawater!

While at the beach, it is important to provide your pooch fresh, clean water to drink. If not, the dog will start to drink water from the sea. This should be avoided because like in humans, drinking salt water is not safe for dogs. As a matter of fact, it can result in dehydration, vomiting, and diarrhea.

The beach may just be the ideal spot for your pooch to play, get needed exercise, and bond with other dogs. Nevertheless, keep in mind that vigorous exercise can result in loss of water in the body.

Since physical stimulation will cause your dog to become even thirstier, he will most likely need water to drink while playing at the beach. If your dog is not provided with enough fresh water to drink, he might resort to salt water.


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