Dogs Love to Lose the ‘Pie Face’ Game and It’s Hilarious [Video]

Attention, fans of the Pie Face game and Pie Face Showdown game: your dog totally wants to play this game too! The only difference is, your dog wants to lose. This messy game is all about whipped cream in the face, and you know your dog wants in on that.

Dog steals the show

If you’ve never played, the rules of the game are quite simple. Players alternate turning a handle that may or may not set the arm off to whack a handful of whipped cream directly to the face.

Boston Terrier loves to lose

The showdown edition pits two players against each other in a race to give their opponent a face full of pie.

Minnie the Frenchie never had a chance

As you can see in the videos, these rules all change if a dog is involved. Dogs will gladly brave the suspense for a mouthful of sweet treat, or just steal the goodies and run off without waiting for a single spin of a spinner.

Rottweiler catches pop fly


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