Hungry shih tzu throws a tantrum

Choosing the right food for an overweight dog Although giving your dog less food to lose weight sounds like a good idea, it is not recommended.

This will prevent them from getting all the nutrients they need and may encourage behaviors you might not want, such as aggression or begging. Instead, choose a formula specifically designed to be beneficial for weight loss programs. The food chosen should contain proteins that are easy to digest so your dog gets the energy he needs with fewer calories.

Some of the advanced dog foods designed for weight loss contain special formulas. For example, there are fiber blends that will make your dog feel fuller without adding unnecessary calories. Low-carb foods that slow digestion and increase glycemic control can be beneficial for overweight dogs with diabetes. If you have a diabetic and overweight dog, special low-carb veterinary diets may be recommended. These can ensure that the dog's condition improves under veterinary supervision. Exercise your dog to lose weight If your dog's health is favourable, take him outside for regular exercise. Instead of one long, strenuous walk or jog over the weekend, spread it out over the week for shorter periods. This will allow your dog to get used to regular exercise.

If your dog has trouble taking long walks, swimming is recommended as it is a positive and effective exercise. By making small changes, you can help your dog achieve his ideal weight and a healthy lifestyle. Start by consulting your veterinarian for advice on nutrition, exercise, and more.


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