It Was a Really Great Weekend for Corgis, Everyone

Not one, but two mass gathering of corgis marked the Fourth of July weekend

Two separate events for corgis went down this weekend, providing corgi enthusiasts and the stumpy little dogs themselves with more than just one opportunity to celebrate everything that makes them so special.

The first of the events, the bi-annual Corgi Con, went down in San Francisco, California, Saturday. Founded by Cynthia Lee and organized by Aaron Beltran, the even raises money for two organizations, Queen’s Best Stumpy Dog Rescue and Corgi Aid.

Over 800 of the wee beasties gathered for a costume contest, races, a group photo, a raffle and at least one surprise proposal. (Corgi Con will be back in October, so you can plan ahead if you’re interested in attending.)

A similar, though smaller event took place at Tanjong Beach in Singapore on Sunday, which involved more costumes and at least one attempt at a race.

The organizer of the Singapore event, SG Corgi Nation, told Mashable they took about three months to plan the event and get sponsors onboard. They’re not affiliated with Corgi Con, but maybe they should join forces and make every Fourth of July weekend an international corgi love fest.


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