Man Threw His Suster’s Pet Rottweiler in a Wheelie Bin With a Jumper Tied to His Collar.

 Innocent animals have not responsible for the problems of people. Because animals don’t understand most of human problems. But innocent animals face many difficulties due to human problems. This is a story about an innocent dog who faced such an incident.

34-year-old Sean McGinnes’ sister is Anne Marie. They lived in Lanarkshire, Scotland. She loved her Rottweiler dog unconditionally. It was difficult for her to live without her dog. But one day something happened that she did not expect at all. One day there was a big problem between her and her brother about the dog. But she had no idea what was going to happen next. But she thought the problem was over.

But her idea was not correct. After Anne left the house, her brother tied a jumper very tightly around the dog’s collar. Then he threw the dog to her wheelie bin for her to find. Ann returns home to find that her beloved dog, Tyson, has left life forever. She couldn’t bear it at all. Because of what did to the three-year-old rottweiler and Sean’s behavior, Ann turned him over to the officers. Because there is no excuse for what he did to the dog. He has no right to do such a thing.

She had no any kind for her brother. Because he completely ended her dog’s life. She couldn’t imagine what the difficulties dog had endured because of him. And no matter what the problem was, she never dreamed that he would do this to her dog. After this incident, Anne’s mental condition was completely collapsed. Therefore, she decided to adopt another dog as a solution. She started loving this dog, Marley, very much.


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