Protective Dachshund Mourns the L.o.s.s of Paraplegic Cat Friend

The inseparable pair was found abandoned outside a Florida home in 2013

They had seen the worst of life and made the best of it, but sadly, one part of this sweet bonded pair must go on without the other.
In October 2013, Ruth the paraplegic cat and her loyal overweight bodyguard, a dachshund named Idgie, were dumped outside a home in Geneva, Florida, reports the Orlando Sentinel.
From here the devoted pair were taken to Seminole County Animal Services, where they found a home in early 2014.
“They’re pretty much inseparable,” Jacqueline Borum told The Orlando Sentinel, when she first adopted the furry friends. “The dachshund absolutely loves this kitten … Whenever Idgie gets a new toy, she always takes it over to Ruth.”
Sadly, Ruth’s road ahead remained rocky. After finding a forever home with her best friend, gaining online stardom and helping raise money for her medical expenses and Borum’s animal rescue non-profit, Project Paws, the cat received some bad news.
Ruth was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease that attacks red-blood cells. Borum did every thing she could to find treatment to prolong the feline’s life, but last week the cat lost her battle with the fatal disease.
While Borum has had a hard time accepting the loss of the darling spirit she only knew for two years, Idgie, Ruth’s best buddy, is taking her death the hardest. According to his owner, the dachshund spends most of his day sitting motionless in the cuddle spot he used to share with Ruth, mourning her loss.
Ruth, who was only 3 years old, deserved longer on this Earth, but Borum hopes her story and spirit lives on in other animals and helps more needy pets find homes.
“Thank you world, for embracing this amazing dynamic duo that not only beat the odds, but conquered, by being a beacon of light for other animals in desperate need through Project Paws,” Borum posted on the Project Paws Facebook page. “Their friendship has so much to teach us as humans about love, selflessness, loyalty and the ability to look beyond our differences.”


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