Rottweiler Owner’s Heart Broken After Realize That Aggressive Breeds are Not Allowed In The Dog Park.

Dog Park Don’t Allow For Aggressive Breeds.

Every creature in this world deserves love. But some people reject some animals for various reasons. It is not a good thing at all. In particular, some dog breeds are even reject by people. Aggressive breeds like rottweilers and pit bulls are reject by many people. But they don’t know that those dogs also have a gentle and loving side.

All animals should be give equal recognition and respect, but in reality it is not. Some dog breeds are even rejected from some public places. A few years ago, woman named Tasha Ramsay faced such an incident. Oneday, she took her young pure-bred Rottweiler, Molly, to the Slemon Park Hounds Grounds dog park in Summerside. But when she got to the gate of the park, she was completely amazed by what she saw.

A sign posted on the gate of the dog park was something she never expected. It said that Rottweilers, Pitbulls and other “lock jaws” are not allowed in the park. She couldn’t believe it. She was even more excited, especially ‘lock jaw’ has been proven to be a myth, she told the media in a phone interview. She said there are no true breeds that locked jaws, and any dog ​​can be aggressive and bite at any moment.

But officials at Summerside, who have commented on the matter, said that nobody can own a dog deemed “a problem to the community. But Molly is still a six-month-old little rottweiler. She is not aggressive towards anyone she meets. Instead of being aggressive, she shows her love to everyone she meets. So it is not correct to reject Rottweiler dogs as an aggressive breed. Because when given good training and socialization, they sometimes become more loyal and gentle dogs than other dogs.


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