Rottweiler Puppy and Owner Stuck in Flooded Cave After Puppy Fell Down Deep Mine Shaft.

Every dog ​​owner loves their dog unconditionally. So when their pets get into trouble, owners do everything they can to save them. That’s what true love is. Sometimes they come forward for their pet without even thinking about their own life. Every pet deserves such an owner.

Mr. Killeen is the owner of an mischievous rottweiler. One day he went for a walk with his family and his 10-month-old rottweiler, Griff, near the launch site in Victoria’s Yarra Ranges. At first everything was very normal. Everyone enjoyed the journey. But suddenly something unexpected happened and their trip was completely over. At once, the little Rottweiler started running into the woods and Mr. Killeen also followed the dog to catch him.

But unexpectedly, the puppy fell into a mine shaft about twenty-feet deep. Without thinking twice, Mr. Killeen jumped into the mine shaft to save the puppy. But he soon realized that everything was wrong. Soon he realized that himself trapped inside with waters reaching to his neck. His son Angus then alerted a rescue team as soon as possible. The rescue and recovery agency sent a officers to the spot and nine vehicles also sent to the spot for rescue them.

Mr Killeen held his dog for a long time until rescuers arrived. A crew of 14 successfully rescued the puppy and Mr Killeen using delicate rescue ropes. It took about 90 minutes. Thankfully, he and the puppy were fine.


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