Supermarket Worker Thrown Out Little Rottweiler Puppy and Owner Due To She Being an “Aggressive Breed”.

Every dog ​​owner values ​​their dogs very much. They care for their dogs more than their lives. Because to most dog parents, their dogs are like little kids. Dog parents can’t stand it when someone says something wrong to their dogs. This is a story about a dog and an owner who faced such a very sensitive incident.

Kendall McGuire, 19, faced an unexpected incident last year when she went to a supermarket with her Rottweiler puppy. She is a very loving dog lover. She carried her little puppy everywhere she went like a baby. Because the puppy is still only eight-weeks-old. This Rottweiler named Bella was a very obedient and cute puppy. So one day she went to a Scots supermarket with her little puppy. Little Bella was sleeping when she went to the supermarket.

But a shop worker who saw the puppy did not allow her to take the puppy inside. The shop worker said it was an “aggressive breed” and could not be take inside. So she thrown them out of the mall. The worker spoke to them very loudly. Kendall was completely excited. Because little Bella is still an 8-week-old puppy. And she was sleeping. She couldn’t believe that such a small puppy would speak like that.

She posted this incident on her social media account. She said that her dog and she was thrown out of the supermarket because it was an aggressive breed. And little Bella, who barely has any teeth, is still only 8-weeks-old. And she said that she was very heartbroken. She couldn’t imagine that. Her social media post received many comments. Many dog ​​lovers agreed with her story.

She added that when she walked into the supermarket, a full-grown Jack Russell was walking in the supermarket. So she was pretty sure Bella would be welcome.


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