Tiny Beagle puppy's first barks (VIDEO)

Watch this newborn cute beagle puppy discover its voice for the first time, and slowly learn how to bark. The dreaming noises are adorable!

This tiny newborn Beagle puppy hasn't opened her eyes yet, but she's already learning to bark. At 0:30 you'll see she's grown bigger and still practicing using her adorable voice! Puppies are the cutest!

While extremely friendly and an absolutely wonderful family pet, owners should be careful when a Beagle is around other small pets such as chinchillas, hamsters, mice, etc. The hunting instinct in this dog may take over and an owner may find that their dog "brings them a present".

One interesting thing about Beagles is that the breed variety of the "Pocket Beagle" is now extinct. Long ago, there was a dog with this name, however it referred to any small hunting type canine. The bloodlines no longer exist. In today's times, any puppy sold with this term is not and cannot be an actual pocket Beagle.

Females shed after each heat and after having a litter. Males shed once a year.


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