Tiny Corgi Puppy Infuriated by Equally Tiny Pumpkin

He doesn't understand the question and he won't respond to it

This dog doesn’t like this pumpkin, and he doesn’t care who knows it.

It’s brave, in a way, this taking of a stand against something — decorative gourds, in this instance — that so many others have come out in favor of.

Bilbo, aged 8 or 9 weeks in this video, tries smelling the pumpkin. He tries barking at the pumpkin. He tries pawing the pumpkin. Nothing works. He’s deeply upset by the pumpkin, and he cries into the void.

Will you hear Bilbo’s cries? Will you join him against the pumpkin? Or will he be alone in his quest?

I’m with you Bilbo. And I’ll never stop fighting the good fight. How can so few pumpkins have so much while we, the many, have so little?

Bilbo: Right for America. Pumpkins: So, so wrong.


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