Tiny Kitten Attemps To Take Rottweiler’s Spot on The Bed. World’s Bravest Kitten!

Rottweilers are a brave breed that don’t like to be second anyone. They are very strong dog breed and that strength cannot be matched by any other animal. They are really like gentle giants. But sometimes they have to second to even very small animals. This is such a wonderful event.

A very small cat must be very brave to approach a huge, strong and aggressive dog like a Rottweiler. Also, everyone knows that If a kitten or and a Rottweiler were competing for a spot on a bed, the Rottweiler will surely win. But recently this video which became popular on the internet surprised everyone. Because the winner of this competition was not the rottweiler, but the kitten.

According to the video, this dog is about 100 times bigger than the little kitten. The dog lay quietly on his bed and the kitten slowly approached him. Even if the dog was a giant, it didn’t matter to her at all. Because kitten wanted to be friend with this big dog somehow and share this cozy bed with him. The kitten slowlt approached the big giant. At first, the dog did not care the kitten for even a moment. He stared at her unmoved.

But according to this video, the kitten tried to befriend the dog by touching his paw. There this gentle giant was jumped out of bed in second. Finally the dog simply surrendered the bed and walked away. It is truly amazing how an aggressive dog like a Rottweiler can behave like this. Finally, instead of barking at the kitten, he went to a corner and lay quietly on the cold wooden floor. Maybe he let her because she is still a small member of the family.


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