Tyson the Gentle Giant

When I was 20 I bought my first Rottweiler  I named him Tyson he was amazing he was the runt of the litter and I just had to have him. He was loyal so smart and loved everyone when he was a puppy he ended up getting parvovirus the vet that I trusted said he had given him the shots but obviously he didn’t! I went to 3 different vets and they all were negative and basically told me to plan to put him down, no way in hell was that happening so off to tufts in Mass where they took care of him they had him in quarantine and said I couldn’t see him,  that was also not happening so I said if students can go in I’m going in!

I was with him everyday till he got better he made it through it all a little thin but made it . Everyone who knew Tyson loved him they referred to him as the gentle giant, he ended up being a 140lbs of pure beauty!! Tyson passed away in August of 2002 a few days before he turned 10 it broke my heart.

I waited 13 years to get another Rotty, I drove to Pennsylvania where I fell in love with Conner he reminds me so much of  my Tyson everyday.

What bothers me is people with their negative comments or they pull their kids back thinking he is going to attack! He is so gentle with kids of any age, people need  to stop profiling dogs of any breed! I can’t even rent a house because of my dogs it’s pretty sad!!!! I will always have a Rottweiler I shouldn’t of waited so long to have another one but good things come to those who wait 🙂 Conner is 8 months now and is amazing!!!


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