VIDEO: Great Dane Has Just the Most Fun on a Covered Pool

Nessie the Great Dane will probably ask for a waterbed for Christmas after this

Waterbeds are fun, right? (Even if, at this point, they kind of seem like a semi-creepy relic of the 1970s, like shag carpet and mirrored ceilings.)

But try telling that to this Great Dane.

This is Nessie, and she’s recently discovered that the covered pool in her family’s backyard can provide more or less the same tactile joys as a waterbed. Now, listen, we’re well aware that a dog has no concept of what a waterbed is, but this was our reaction when we first discovered them back in the day.

This video is added to our growing file of Animals Enjoying Human Stuff, joining such Internet hall of famers like Fox Jumps on Trampoline and Bears Play in Pool.

We sure prefer this to the instances in which they’ve gotten ahold of guns, anyway.


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