We Found Your Next Instagram Follow: Little Legs Don't Stop this Dapper Mini Dachshund from Bringing Big-time Style

We put the call out on Twitter for your favorite #cutepic and you delivered! This week's champ is a "laid-back chap" who enjoys chicken treats as a reward for perfect poses

Charlie B may be "half a dog high and a dog and a half long," according to his owner Gareth, who lives in England, "but he more than makes up for his size with his gorgeous puppy dog eyes, handsome good looks and super glossy coat." We tend to agree, since every Instagram snap of the dog on the @sausage_charlieb page is stunningly beautiful — a reminder to us all that big stars come in all shapes and sizes.

In true diva form, this canine model won't get out of bed unless specific needs are met. "His first action after waking (whether that be a snooze or when you wake him in the morning) is to roll over, give you the cute look and then wait for belly rubs," says Gareth. "Without following his instruction, you have little chance of coaxing him out of his bed!"

The pup, who recently modeled for the Mutts & Hounds dog gear company, has what every serious model needs: a flashy wardrobe. "With a wardrobe of his own featuring a range of collars, matching bowties and bandanas and colour coordinating leads, he definitely is one stylish little guy who goes the extra mile to be a stylish sausage," says Gareth. But, clearly, he's not all fashion, all the time. "Living in the Buckinghamshire countryside, we are minutes from open fields and his favourite wood we spend a lot of time at is a short drive from our house," he adds.

While he does spend a "large part of his day resting those little legs," make no mistake, this is a guy on the go. "He's very loving and loyal with a huge personality despite his small size he's definitely the boss of our house — but we wouldn't have it any other way!" Gareth says. "He has a huge personality and hopefully those who follow him on Instagram can see that he definitely gets to lead a pampered and enjoyable life — he has his own Solvit dog booster seat in the car so he can watch the world go by or sleep in comfort — he's definitely well travelled!"

When he's not posing for the camera, Charlie B loves going on woodland adventures and even helped his parents embark on an adventure of their own in 2015. "He helped me propose to my partner whilst we were on holiday in Cornwall," Gareth recalls. "Wearing a bandana with the question 'Will you…' and a picture of a ring, myself and Charlie were hidden amongst some rocks at the edge of the beach when he ran towards his Mum wearing the bandana and I quickly followed and got down on one knee. She said yes!"


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