World’s Happiest Rottweiler Can Not Stop Jumping On The Trampoline.

Most people only know about the aggression of rottweiler dogs. But not many people know what a mischievous and funny breed they are. They are Affectionately known as Rotties and sometimes they are like a fun package. When properly raised and trained, Rottweilers often become playful, loyal and mischievous dogs.

Sometimes, no matter how big they are, they behave like a lap dog. And sometimes they are like little kids. They love their owner very much. However, it needs to have excellent socialization and training. And they should give daily exercise. Although some people think they are a very aggressive breed, they also have a very funny mischievous side. They often give their family something to laugh. And they love to lick us to show their unconditionally love.

This is a story about another such wonderful rottweiler. According to this video, which is very popular on the Internet, a Rottweiler jumps on a trampoline and plays with great excitable. He was so excited that he kept spinning on it. Bella the Rottweiler very much enjoyed jumping and rolling on the trampoline. She couldn’t stop it. Like a mischievous little kid on a trampoline, he enjoyed on there. Rottweilers are a very energetic breed. So it’s really funny how he’s using his full energy for having fun on trampoline.


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