13 Starving Great Dans At Brink Of D.e.a.t.h At Breeding Farm Adopted By King Of Thailand

Authorities in Thailand were called about a deserted dog breeding farm, so, they directly went to investigate. They found thirteen Great Danes, who were emaciated, in crates! It was obvious that the dogs were not fed for so long as they were skin and bones! Unfortunately, one mama dog and her two puppies died before the aid arrived.

It was obvious that the dogs were left without care for many weeks! The owner reproduced the dogs to offer, but she left them with no food in crates when they didn’t offer! Thankfully, the volunteers of Guard dog Thailand took all the dogs to a nearby veterinary clinic.

Thankfully, the dogs, who were all examined, were given food. Thanks to Rama X, the King of Thailand, who offered to cover the prices of the dogs’ food, therapy, and anything, which means that no cost will be spared. Watch the video below.

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