A Strong German Shepherd Tests Strong Rottweiler

Since the number of dogs infected with cancer is increasing every year, dog owners are forced to hear this devastating diagnosis much more often than before. Every cell alive , blood, skin, intestines, glands, nerves, bones, muscles, blood vessels, heart muscle, cartilage, abdominal organs, lungs, etc. it carries the possibility of becoming cancerous. Only non-living cells, that is, teeth, hair and nails, do not become cancerous. Every day thousands of cells divide so that the body can function normally. When any errors occur during cell division, cancer can occur. In simple terms, cells that normally divide frequently are more likely to make mistakes and divide abnormally. That is why certain types of cells, such as intestinal and skin cells, are more likely to become cancerous than less dividing, for example, nerve cells

With the help of MRI, veterinarians can diagnose cancer in dogs at much earlier stages. With this technology, the disease can be caught early and its treatment can also begin very early. And this, most likely, Dec mean that a loved one will live a longer life, and the relationship between the owner and his dog will last longer.


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