AirTag helps rescue dog swept away in California floods

 The Apple AirTag  helped to rescue a dog that was lost in the major floods in California, by leading rescuers to his location.

The one-year-old pup named  Seamus became separated from his owner Emilie Brill while out for a walk and fell into a fast-flowing storm drain.

"He got away from me, and he just went down into this drainage," Emilie said. "The water was going so fast I think all it took was one paw in that water, and he was gone."

The San Bernardino Fire Department went to work locating the dog. While rescuers were canvassing the area, an employee at a nearby RV facility told them he heard a dog barking nearby and saw Seamus floating down the swollen drainage channel.

"He followed Seamus and observed the dog had found a way out of the water into an access tube nearby," the agency wrote on social media. "Firefighters were flagged down & found Seamus in the tube staring back at them. He traveled nearly a mile from when he entered the storm drain. He miraculously made it out of the fast-moving water & was stuck at the bottom of the tube."

The Apple AirTag attached to Seamus' collar helped the firefighters track down the right sewer drain to reach the dog. Luckily, the pup was uninjured from his adventure; rescuers even noted that the canine was in "good spirits" when they found him.

"While we would have loved to make Seamus a fire station pup, glad we could reunite the dog back with his owners," the San Bernardino Fire Department wrote on Facebook.



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