Golden Labrador Fred adopts his third group of Orphaned Ducklings

A group of 15 orphaned ducklings have an unlikely new foster dad - in a golden Labrador called Fred.

These ducklings were left orphaned after their mother mysteriously disappeared from the castle's grounds overnight. After the mother duck didn't return, Fred decided to take over the role of parent by keeping an eye on the baby birds, taking the ducklings for rides on his back, and cuddling with the little animals.

Fred may not look the part, but he is a practiced duck parent. Several times, the dog has taken an orphaned group of ducklings under his furry wing. In 2018, Fred, acted as a surrogate parent to nine orphaned ducklings. A year later,  Fred looked after another group of ducklings left without parents.

Ever since Fred has made sure to look after his new similarly coloured foster children, even carrying them around on his back.

Fred’s owner Jeremy Goldsmith says he’s not surprised that Fred found a new family.

He explained: 'Over the 15 years of owning him Fred has spent a lot of time at the Castle with the animals and it has become second nature to him being amongst the various rescued animals.'

The ducklings are expected to remain with Fred at the castle until they’re old enough to survive on their own.



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