Golden Retriever's Reaction to Popular Talking Cactus Toy

Recently, TikTok user @charliethegolden18 shared the clip of her Golden Retriever, Charlie, reacting to a new toy she purchased. The pup is faced with a popular talking cactus toy that's usually intended for human babies, but Charlie certainly has some thoughts on the toy.

At first, the pup was nervous about this strange, talking cactus, but he started to warm up to it once it started dancing. Towards the end, Charlie was even hoping it would start up again.

People couldn't get enough of Charlie's facial expressions. TikTok user @sherry.lynn_75 said, "The facial expressions he does are so funny but yet, so cute." Another user, @brooklyn.baddie1, commented, "The side eye and the 'teefs' stuck on the lip were too funny." Charlie never disappoints with his highly expressive reactions!

Others loved that Charlie started to warm up to the cactus when it started dancing. One viewer, @alyssabell276, noted, "No joke, but Charlie looked like he was about to dance, too." And another person, @sashathegoldengirlv2, said, "LOL, he appreciates the dancing!" We must admit, the dance moves on that cactus were enticing!


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