Dumped in a Parking Lot, Ethan the Emaciated Dog Is Now Gaining Weight and Making Friends

Ethan, who weighed 38 pounds when he was found in late January, now weighs 71 pounds and is continuing his recovery at a home with five new canine friends.

After being abandoned in a parking lot, Ethan the dog is getting the chance to make new friends.

In late January, Ethan was dumped in the parking lot of the Kentucky Humane Society (KHS). At the time, he was severely underweight and too weak to lift up his head. In the weeks following his abandonment, Ethan has made amazing strides with help from KHS and his growing number of fans.

Ethan has almost reached his goal weight of 80 pounds and is strong enough to walk on his own. After watching Ethan's impressive progress, KHS recently decided he was ready for the next step in his recovery: moving out of the shelter and into the home of a KHS employee.

"We want to introduce everyone to the staff member who will be taking Ethan home tonight, meet Jeff! Jeff has been with the Kentucky Humane Society for many years and we absolutely adore him. He's been coming in to care for Ethan twice a night since Ethan came back to the shelter from the hospital and they've developed a great bond," KHS shared in a Feb. 13 Facebook post.

"Jeff will be taking Ethan home each night and bringing him back to the shelter during the daytime so we can continue monitoring his progress. We're so excited to see how Ethan does during his slumber parties at Jeff's house!" the post continued.

Since sharing the news of Ethan's move, KHS has provided several other updates on the pooch's status. According to the rescue, Ethan's sleepovers at Jeff's house are going well. Ethan is quickly bonding with Jeff's Great Danes and cats.

"He was so brave to explore his new surroundings. He gets along so well with other dogs and cats. He's very patient and gentle when interacting with anyone," Jeff shared on KHS's Facebook about Ethan's new setup.

Jeff added that Ethan has been great about taking his medicine, asking to go out to use the bathroom, and accepting cuddles.

"This. Dog. Is. Amazing." his caretaker summarized.

As Ethan continues to spend his first week of nights with Jeff, KHS only has good news to offer about the dog's health progress. A Feb. 14 update on Ethan included the news that the dog is building strength, learning commands and attempting to run on his own.

"By far, the best thing about Ethan is his loving nature. He loves to snuggle on the ground and will come to anyone for head rubs. We again crashed on the couch, bypassing the comfortable dog bed on the floor, and when he lays down he can't get close enough. He's always squirming to get just a little closer and lay his head right next to mine. Ethan is such a special soul," Jeff added in the update.

Ethan isn't just warming up to his new human pals, he also has special relationships with his five dog roomies: Ivy, Luna, Freya, Jinx, and Molly.

"Luna mothers him like he's her own and he enjoys being looked after. He plays with Freya and Jinx. It appears to me it's a game of tag continually revolving around who's 'it'. He spends his time laying and cuddling with Ivy," KHS shared in one of their daily Ethan updates on Facebook. "And Molly mostly stands back and directs everyone around. She lets them know when it's time to play and time to chill out."

Along with all this good news, KHS also shared that Ethan, who weighed just 38 pounds when he entered the rescue, currently weighs 71 pounds. Ethan was able to make this progress thanks to his fighting spirit, KHS's help, and the countless donations he has received from his supporters.

"Donations to help with our lifesaving work mean so much to Ethan and to the thousands of shelter animals we care for each year. Thank you to everyone who has been moved to give in his honor. It means the absolute world to us," KHS wrote in a Feb. 16 Facebook post.

To keep track of Ethan's recovery, visit KHS's Facebook page, where the shelter provides daily updates on the pooch's progress.


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